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Machine for Sprouted Almond Milk Production and Sprouted Seeds, Grains & Groats.

Welcome on sproutedliving.com

By-Product from Sprouted Almond Milk production is Nourishing Almond Flour for Baking Breads and Cakes.

Welcome on sproutedliving.com

Milk from Sprouted Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Grains and Groats is Lactose Free. Rich source of Vitamins & Nutrients. Prevents Food Allergies!

SproutedLiving it is a name of the innovative kitchen machine that will be designed and built by AddOptimization, Inc,

 AddOptimization, Inc is a company that was created in Poland in 2017 in order to invent and built progressive machine for milk production from the sprouted almonds and sprouted grains and grouts. The production of the milk will be for home-based needs for each household.

 Milk making machine named SproutedLiving will be a machine with innovative filtering system during the process of grinding in the water environment.

The mission of the AddOptimization, Inc is the creation of the novelty product on world market in this area that will fulfill the current untapped needs of customers for providing a milk making machine for sprouted and unsupported grains and nuts. The machine will belong to the type of kitchen machines in the group of kitchen robots/grinders and coffee makers.

 The company is projecting to create in 2018 further novelty machines in this area like food dryer and food packing processor.

Currently the company is the process of designing of SproutedLiving machine prototype; the built of it will start with the end of 2017 and will be completed in Q1 2018.

Next the machine will be manufactured in Poland in 2018 and distributed to the markets in EU, USA and China and also available for purchase through the Internet.


Upcoming Products

Milk Maker - under the process of design there is an innovative Milk maker machine named SproutedLiving for the production of milk from almonds, sprouted almonds, and to obtain milk from other sprouted grains, grouts and seeds. The machine wills belongs to the kitchen robots/coffee makers group type and will server home based and household needs for milk production. The completion of machine will take place in 2018.

Food dryer – in 2018 under the design there will a machine for home based needs of drying fruit, mushrooms, and pulp from seeds, grains and grouts after milk separation. Dried pulp turns into the flour after it gets dried and can be utilized for baking breads and pastries.

Vacuum Packer – for dried pulp, fruit, mushroom in order to extend their shelf life. The prototype of the vacuum packer will be under the design in 2018.

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